Three Words You Should Stop Using Now

The words we use to explain our state of being frame the way we see our life and ourselves. They either help expand what we believe about ourselves or they limit us.  Have you ever noticed that your capabilities lie fully in your own expectancy of yourself? If you think you can, you most likely will or at least certainly try!!

It is easy to see how people are framing their world by how they describe it. Here is a test..ask someone how they are doing and listen to their response. It will be very telling.  They may use words like, ‘good, great or excellent. I want to expose three responses that are hurting and affecting you NOW! If you are using the below words…consider the phrases, statements or ways of thinking that you can replace these with now.  

BUSY  Let’s clear the air here. We are all busy. Life can be very full. However, when people always say they are busy all this does is limit their own capacity to achieve more. Over using this word can trick you to think you have more on your plate than you actually do. As a result, you reduce your productivity because you believe the lie that you literally have no time. I wonder how much time is wasted or opportunities are missed because we get into the mode of ‘busyness’ and think we are not capable to handle more. 

Replace the word busy with phrases like, "I can do that or I will make time for that'. This will empower you to build better schedules and maximize your time.

TIRED While I fully believe we get tired, this is a result of working hard. We then need to refresh ourselves through proper rest, diet and exercise. Tired should never be our state of being. If we live in this state all it does it send us into a spiral of being lethargic and demotivated. Learn to balance your days with hard work and then refresh yourself with activities or hobbies that revitalize you!

Replace the word tired with the goal to be productive or efficient vs going until you have nothing left.

STRESSED Nothing does more harm on your whole body and mind than stress. It is a slow killer. Stress brings about many side effects, mentally and physically. Living stressed has huge negative impact and it happens over time. Our world brings about many pressures but no pressure is worth losing your health.  I am speaking from experience. Launching two businesses, having a new child and trying to do it all can take a big toll on you. Sleep is lost, exercise and diet go out the window and you eat anything in sight as you enter survival mode. Living stressed leads to weight gain, discouragement and can even take you into depression. This can all add up fast!

Replace the word stressed with balance. You have to prioritize what is most important starting with your health. If you are not healthy, you can not function for your family or others.  Take the extra time to plan your meals and exercise. The world won’t fall apart if you do, but you might if you don’t.


1. Change your vocabulary- What you say about your state of being will frame your state of being.

2. Prioritize your health- Put priority on your health mentally, physically and financially. No one is living your life for you and only you end up paying the price. 

3. Take your time- Learn to do what you need to do for your own sense of health. Don’t get caught in a trap of rushing for others only to lose yourself in the process. 

An entrepreneur, creator, father & husband from Calgary, Scott Bakken is inspiring a generation of creatives to live their best life.