Casting Call for Media Shoot | See Brief and Apply

Casting Call for Media Shoot | See Brief and Apply


Casting for a Canadian telecom company for a media campaign that will share stories and be featured on billboards and in store retail. Please see brief below. If you or someone you know meets the requirements please apply in the form. This is a photo shoot and requires no speaking. 

GOAL: Capture authentic stories of real individuals in their local regions and how they stay connected to the ones they love within their province through work, travel or leisure. We are seeking real situations and stores not actors to play a role.



Vancouver, BC or Vancouver Island (Wed May 17, Thursday May 18th)

Saskatchewan (Anytime between May 23-31 preferably Regina or Saskatoon)

Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI (Anytime between May 23-31)


One day or 8 hours


Payment, expenses and wardrobe.

Sharing stories of loved ones staying connected through wireless devices. Seeking variety of stories of one or more travelling or working in an interesting situation or field and staying connected to the ones they love while they are at home. Looking for a diversity of relationships ( i.e. mother and son, grandfather and grandson, sisters etc). 

Here are some examples or ideas...

  • Single dad who works in Northern Saskatchewan whose kids live with their grandparents in Regina while he is away
  • Research Scientist works in the mountains of Alberta while her family resides in Calgary
  • Mother works in Antigonish while a daughter studies at University in Halifax. 

If your story is similar or involves distance between you and loved one in the province you live then please fill out the form below. If we are interested,  we will send you an email with more questions to follow up. We are looking for those located in Vancouver, Saskatchewan or Atlantic Canada. 

IMPORTANT: Please include the name of your wireless service provider. . 


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