Live Like A Pioneer | Eddie Bauer

When I think of Pioneers I think of people who forged a path based on need. That were moved and motivated by their circumstances and fought their way forward based on need, passion and ultimately solving a problem. 

Photo by @erikmcr. Erik McRitchie

Photo by @erikmcr. Erik McRitchie

I am proud to have joined the Eddie Bauer team as an #ebcontributor. As I joined the team, I was excited to learn the history of Eddie Bauer himself. He lived in the PNW and in 1936 patented the first down jacket ever. He loved to hike Mount Rainer and Mount Baker as this was his backyard. He was passionate about the outdoors and designing technical wear to allow people to adventure and explore. He outfitted the first US ascent to Mt. Everest and designed the first military down flight suit. Basically he was the OG and if he had IG back in the day he would be the king of the gram. It got me thinking about being a pioneer and creating things you are passionate about that help others do the things they love. I think we can all be inspired by people like Eddie Bauer and learn from his passion. That’s why I’m proud to be an #ebcontributor. It’s more than clothes, it’s a lifestyle of passion and exploration. #liveyouradventure

Scott and Jessica are wearing the down jackets from Eddie Bauer's First Ascent line. Designed to endure winter conditions and explore the places you love. 

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