On The Road with American Express

I’ve been an adult for 22 years now and it’s been an interesting and exciting ride. Fifteen years of marriage and two kids later, I still feel as young as ever. It’s made me realize that age is seriously just a number. However, some numbers are more exciting to celebrate than others and this year I turned 40.


When my wife asked what I wanted for my 40th birthday, it was easy. A road trip, and not just any road trip, but one with the boys!  I contacted ten of my best friends and without hesitation, they were ready to go. This would be seven days of boys being boys, and creating some cool memories with a lot of laughs.


We took a seven-day trip through eight National Parks and visited some incredible sights such as The Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Yellowstone Park and more. It was truly a trip to remember.

Planning can be a lot of work, but my American Express Canada Platinum Card always makes it easier with the support of their concierge who can help book hotels, restaurants and activities.  I also love how quickly you can earn points on every dollar spent, which can be redeemed on a various reward items including future travel. For me that is one of my favourite features about my Amex because I can Use Points for Purchases e for an epic trip with my family.

Aside from having a few destinations planned out, we left a lot to the last minute. There is something about hitting the open road that brings a sense of freedom and excitement. It’s those last-minute stops on the way to your destination and experiencing the unplanned that make a road trip even more amazing. On the other hand, there are also those unexpected roadblocks that you can run into that either ruin or make your trip.


On our way to the Grand Canyon a few of us had stayed back to relax before meeting up with the others. We started out enjoying our 2.5-hour drive from Page Arizona and we were SO excited to see this incredible wonder of the world. When we arrived, we couldn’t find the meeting point we had previously decided on with the rest of the crew, so we went into the visitor centre to ask. Our hearts instantly dropped as we learned we were at the South Rim and the others were at the North. It turns out that we were actually five hours away from them! So, we immediately left and had to drive back through Arizona. This was one of those moments where we could either laugh or cry. Well, we made the best of it by telling stories and making a few pit stops along the way. Things got silly and we even did face masks on our Instagram Stories to help with some comedic relief and distract us from our very wrong turn.

Face masks to pass the time. 

Face masks to pass the time. 

As you can imagine, going long distances requires a lot of gas to get to where you need to be. I was excited to use my American Express Canada Platinum Card to keep our tanks full. With this, we would get to where we needed to be and once again I was racking up all those points.

Check out some of the images below of our experience. I couldn’t imagine spending a better 40th birthday with these amazing friends or going anywhere without my Amex. It has seriously revolutionized the way I travel. 


Now that I have had an epic trip with the boys, I look forward to using my points I earned to take my wife on the trip of her dreams in 2018. We have always wanted to take a tropical holiday and now that Jess is no longer pregnant we are setting our sights on Maui!

This post was sponsored by Amex Bank of Canada. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely my own. 

An entrepreneur, creator, father & husband from Calgary, Scott Bakken is inspiring a generation of creatives to live their best life.