The Islands of Tahiti: Escape to Paradise Pt 2.

Tahiti is made up of 118 islands. Tahiti itself is the main island to which you will fly into and from there you can access the other islands via Airtahitinui. These islands offer remote beautiful beaches and blue lagoons with crystal clear water. You can do everything from snorkel, scuba dive, to lie around on a hammock overlooking the ocean. Paradise is at your fingertips.  During my recent trip I had the opportunity to visit two of these islands, Raiatea and Rangiroa. While most people are very familiar with Bora Bora (one if the Tahitian Islands), let me introduce you to Raiatea and Rangiroa.


An hour flight from Tahiti is the beautiful island of Raiatea. This island is 13,000 people and is the second largest island next to Tahiti.


Opoa Beach Resort

This island resort offered 9 villas on the beach each with a private residence and its own hammock. The lobby serves as an open dining lounge where with a new menu each day offering the finest offerings from its in house chef. The food presentation is so beautiful that you almost don’t want to eat it. But you will be glad you did.

Patricia and the staff were amazing hosts and this resort provides a true escape with remote beaches, incredible food and great day excursions available.


Waterfalls- Take a day excursion to hike up to beautiful waterfalls.



Ivan will take you on a full day boat ride to the island of Tahaa. A tiny island with 5,220 inhabitants, Tahaa, also known as Vanilla Island shares a lagoon with Raiatea.

You will visit a Vanilla Farm where you will learn more about the world's second most expensive spice. 

Visit the local Black Pearl Farm and see how the black pearl is harvested and made and visit the store where the Black Pearl is sold. These make for great gifts.

Lunch Provided

Ivan will host you for lunch where you eat the most fresh local foods which included a Vanilla sauce over chicken and fish. This sauce is made with fish oil, whip cream and fresh vanilla bean and was truly incredible. I need to learn how to make this!

Ivan was an incredible host and showed us the best of the Island of Tahaa. The boat ride was spectacular along the stunning blue waters. You can book your excursion here. 

MARAE (Ancient site)

Taputapuatea is one of the largest Marae in French Polynesia. The site is at the heart of ancient Eastern Polynesian religion and mythology. It is remarkable as a symbol as well as for its international notoriety



Rangiroa is another island off of Tahiti with only 2600 residents. This place is complete heaven offering you the most remote locations. As for wifi, be prepared to leave it all behind as you are definitely disconnected but it’s well worth it.


Rangiroa is renowned worldwide for its breathtaking dive spots. Whether you take an intro dive or just a fun dive exploring the lagoon, passes and reefs, beginners and experienced divers will be blown away by the abundance and colors of the marine wildlife.



I was greeted by Owners who picked personally picked me up at the airport. This 4 Villa lodge on the beach is owned by French couple Alice and Nicolas. They welcomed me with a Coconut drink and showed me to my incredible villa over looking the ocean. Complete with open windows and high ceilings this place couldn’t feel more tropical, exisquite and remote. I enjoyed the Hammock at the private beach just steps away from me. I think I may have found heaven!

Dining at the Coconut Lodge

The owners prepare breakfast and dinner as you sit and enjoy under the grass hut by Oceanside. I spent time chatting with the owners, Alice and Nicolas getting to know their story and hearing more about their passion behind the Coconut Lodge. Their story felt like it was right out of a movie.

If you are seeking true escape, luxury and class The Coconut Lodge is for you. 


Kia Ora is the largest resort on the island. It is known for the huts on the water. Take out the kayak on the private beach and float around in the blue lagoon.

The highlight here was the Villa I satyed in at Kia Ora. Just over 2200 sq feet this villa could easily be your home. It was very private blocked off with its stonewalls and offered a bathtub and shower outside. I spent most of the day swimming and floating in my private pool with linge chairs right beside.

Kia Ora also offers big buffet dining for breakfast and dinner and lunch ordered off the menu. Their dock is also the launch site for diving and snorkelling tours for the island.


  • Rent Electrical Cars to explore around the island.
  • Watch the Dolphins as they jump and dive in the ocean.
  • Snorkel around the island.
  • Relax!

Tahiti is the perfect getaway and escape. From its lush landscapes to incredible food you will truly find paradise. All this matched by the beauty of its local people. They will remind you of what it's like to live in a world with kindness and respect for one another. It's a vibrant world filled with love and life. 

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