Be The Key- Pay it Forward


I am giving away two Create giving keys on my Instagram @scottcbakken. Check how you can receive these as part of the #bethekey campaign with The Giving Keys

Is it just me or has our world seemed a little nutty lately? The last year we have seen so many crazy things happen through social media and on the current media news outlet. It has been very noisy and it a little overwhelming.

BUT…what I love is that every individual can choose to set the tone on how they live, interact and engage with others. If you don’t like the conversation, then change it. You can be the voice of hope an encouragement wherever you are. This past year I saw a lot of people abandon Facebook claiming they couldn’t handle it anymore. However, how can the light shine if it is not on? If you leave, then you miss an opportunity to be the change.

I am so pumped to be asked to take part in the #bethekey campaign with The Giving Keys. This organization which is using fashion to not only change the conversation but also bringing sustainability to those who are transitioning out of homelessness. They are leading the way in how we shop, connect and transform lives. 

The Giving Keys is simple. Buy a key with a word that means something to you and then when you meet another who needs that word, pass it on. This is a great chance to connect with others in a whole new way and to freely give a gift that could change the course of someone’s life.  The Giving Keys also provides training and employment for those transitioning out of homelessness.  I have had the pleasure to visit the HQ in downtown LA and meet the staff and I can honestly say the atmosphere was electric and full of joy.

As part of the campaign, I have chosen a word that means something to me. It is the word, “Create”. I chose this word because years ago I was looking for community and connection and out of my own personal need, I had to created Socality.  I really believe that creation comes out of personal need and a desire to make a difference. 


So, I want to pass on my key to another who has inspired me. You, my online community have inspired me!  I will post tonight on my Instagram and I would love for you to comment on who inspires you to create and why. I will choose my favourite story and send these two keys out. One for the person who comments and the other to the person that inspires them. This is your Pay it forward moment. 

An entrepreneur, creator, father & husband from Calgary, Scott Bakken is inspiring a generation of creatives to live their best life.