Scottcbakken Vlog Launches June 28

The last few years has allowed me to travel to see pretty incredible places and meet amazing people. Through my photography and my work with Socality, I have found myself in places I only dreamed of being. Throughout it all, I thought I would share behind the scenes of my whole world including family, travel and friends and take you all on this journey with me. 

So often we only get to see the highlights or the snapshots but I wanted to create a more open way for you to explore and adventure with me. As well, I wanted people to be able to see inside my world just a little more. So I grabbed the vlog camera and hit record wherever I went. My good friend, Davey_gravy has been the creative genius behind the editing and really brought the blog to life. 

On June 28th Season 1 of my vlog Scottcbakken launches! I hope you enjoy watching the 22 episodes just as much as we did making them. Let me take you around the world, show you some epic places and at most make you laugh while doing it all! Check out the teaser below. 

You can subscribe to my channel here. Also, sign up for my email list and you will get 3 presets emailed to you on launch day!

Thanks guys. Enjoy the journey!



An entrepreneur, creator, father & husband from Calgary, Scott Bakken is inspiring a generation of creatives to live their best life.