Meet Olive- The Mattress that Came in the Mail

Have you ever wished there were more hours in a day? Life can be so full. From raising kids, working full time and doing all the daily routine tasks. However, to live life at your fullest you need to make time for the things that refresh and reenergize you. For me, it is travel and photography. I love going to discover new places and capture these to share on my social channels. In order to grab the best shots, you need to work with good light and this often involves very early mornings or late nights for sunsets.

People think the most important thing you need to do the things you love is the best gear, more money or all the time in the world. Not true. What you need the most is great sleep.  Proper sleep allows you to function at your fullest and to be 100% on when you need to be.  In order for me to thrive in my daily life, I need to be well rested and fully focused.

Recently, I received a new mattress in the mail. That’s right! I said mail. My new queen mattress named Olive was delivered right to my doorstep. Jessica, Sydney and I all gathered around the compact box and we were expecting to pull out a very thin mattress. We opened up the box and took the mattress upstairs to our room where we cut open the wrapping. There before our eyes unfolded a full size, extremely soft memory foam queen mattress. I was actually in shock, as I couldn’t believe this full sized mattress actually was in this small box.

We were impressed by its size but was it comfortable? This would be the next test! We placed the mattress on our box spring and lied down. I was instantly surprised by the comfort, but what would a full night sleep be like? Turns out it was amazing and Olive would become our new best friend!

I love how our world is always changing. When we bought our first mattress we had to go to the store, drive it home and haul it up stairs. Now it is as easy as clicking online and having it delivered right to you.

So whether you are gearing up for your next adventure or just looking for a new mattress, check out Olive. Nothing prepares you to live life like a full nights rest so you can conquer the world! Take advantage of their promo for Canada 150! Canadians will have a chance to purchase a mattress between Friday at Midnight (July 1st) to Monday at Midnight.

The CANADA150 promo code gives customers $50 off a mattress, $50 off a mattress cover, and $50 off a pillow for a total savings of $150!

An entrepreneur, creator, father & husband from Calgary, Scott Bakken is inspiring a generation of creatives to live their best life.