Glamping in Glacier National Park

Glamping is one of those words that are fun to say. A fusion of traditional and modern outdoor lodging encapsulated in one delightful word.  And while its fun to say, the experience of glamping definitely lived up to its name!

Our family recently enjoyed our first glamping trip this August at Under Canvas - Glacier in Montana.  Located in Coram, Under Canvas - Glacier is situated 11km (7 miles) from the entrance of Glacier National Park and a quick 20 minute drive from Whitefish.    Upon arrival, you’ll check in at Reception, its own glam tent, which supplies complimentary water, coffee and hot chocolate, bug spray, board games and a friendly face ready to offer suggestions of nearby amenities and excursions.   


We stayed in the Safari Tent with Adjacent Tipi.  The tipi is a great option for families with children old enough to stay in their own tent or in our case some friends who joined us.   

The Safari tent includes a king sized bed, which was extremely comfortable!  There were also lots of pillows, which was a definite bonus (I like to sleep with lots of pillows so it was nice not having to call front desk to request more).   As we have young children they stayed in the tent with us.   I wasn't sure what would be available for Sydney who is 4 years so I had brought some bedding for her.  However, cots are available which come complete with a warm sleeping bag, blanket and pillow.  The host who checked us in offered the cot to us and it was delivered right to our tent shortly after.   Cruz was just 6 weeks old during our glamping trip so I brought his stroller with bassinet and rolled it right up beside the bed for him, though playpens are also available upon request.    Yes - we did go glamping with an infant!  That may sound unusual but for us it was feasible as Cruz is a very calm baby who doesn't cry often.  If you have an infant or small child who cries a lot, particularly during night time hours, I would suggest waiting until this phase has passed so as not to wake up other glampers, as tents are in relatively close proximityOtherwise glamping is family friendly!

The tents come with adequate lighting for the evenings, there is a large light directly outside of the Safari tent for good visibility while sitting outside or coming/going to the tent.  There are lanterns on the night stands which provide light inside the tent and can also be used for evening strolls including trips to the bathroom or fire pit.  Lastly, the Safari tent also features a wood fire stove to keep you warm in the evening if needed.  Unfortunately, due to the fire ban the stove was off limits during our stay.  The evenings did cool off quite a bit past midnight but we were warm enough with the bedding supplied, despite me not packing the warmest of pj’s (Sydney ended up sleeping in the joggers and hoodie I brought for her instead of her summery princess nightie #packingfail).

While some tents feature a small bathroom, the Safari tent did not, however, we were very close to one of the communal washrooms.    And these bathrooms were amazing!!  They were cleaned frequently and were aesthetically much fancier than you would expect - then again this is glamping!!    There were several separate areas that each featured a hot shower, toilet and sink.  And no need to bring towels, just grab one of the fresh ones from the linen closet and toss it in the laundry hamper once done.  


Due to being situated in bear country food is not permitted in the tents and must be stored in vehicles.   Being from Alberta, the Rocky mountains are also bear county and we are used to keeping everything safely stored in our vehicle when not in actual use.   However, beverages can be enjoyed at the tent whether you want to enjoy your morning coffee or a glass of wine in the evening.  If you want to have a snack or enjoy a meal onsite there are picnic tables with barbecues near reception, available on a first come first serve basis.   There is also a fire pit nearby, which featured a gas fire due to the fire ban, which was still just as enjoyable.   Complimentary smores start at 7:00pm each evening!


Many glampers get an early start to their day and enjoy the outdoors whether its a hike in the mountains or a day at Lake McDonald in the Park.   Having a small infant in 30C (86F) daytime temperatures we headed to Whitefish for coffee at the Red Caboose where we could enjoy Stumptown coffee and air conditioning!  

We loved our stay at Under Canvas - Glacier and cant wait to check out some of the other Under Canvas locations in the future!   


1. All bedding is provided. Leave the sleeping bag and pillow at home.

2. There are fresh towels for showers in the linen closet located at the showers. 

3. No food is allowed in the tents but there is a great eating area where you can have  BBQ's and enjoy your meals.  



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