Trip of a Lifetime with Ford Pt 1

The Ford in Glacier National Park, Montana.

The Ford in Glacier National Park, Montana.

It was a road trip for the books! You only turn 40 once and so I have decided to celebrate all year long.  One of the best ways to kick this year off was with an epic road trip with 10 of my best friends. We decided to hot up 8 national parks in 7 days! On the agenda we had Yellowstone, Monument Valley, Zion National Park, Canyonlands, Glacier National Park, Grand Canyon and Grand Tetons in Wyoming. 


You can buy a one year National Park Pass for $80 that will provide access to all National Parks in the USA. This is more affordable than a week pass which can be $30 per park. 

The Ford F 150.

The Ford F 150.

When travelling, we know its all about space and comfort and my friends at Ford Canada hooked us up with 3 vehicles that will allow us to travel in comfort, style and with lots of features to make the trip even more enjoyable!

We left Calgary and hit it out to Missoula Montana where we drove via the Going to the Sun Road. This small and windy road is only open in the summer months due to high elevation and close proximity to the edge of the mountains. It offers epic views of Glacier National Park and you will be sure to witness some of the most beautiful sunset scenes ever!

One feature on the Ford F 150 that was a game changer was the air-conditioning on the seat for your back. One thing I find so uncomfortable in the summer is how you get so sweaty on the back due to the heat against your seat. This totally changed the game! This feature kept us nice and cool on all fronts and I am not sure how I lived without this.

From Missoula we made our way to Yellowstone Park in Wyoming where we witnessed the incredible geysers and the historic Old Faithful. I had always heard about Old Faithful growing up so to see it with my own eyes was a very surreal experience. It received its name because it erupts every 44- 125 minutes and its constant reliability earned this geysers the name Old Faithful. We went to view Grand Prismatic Spring, which is essentially a boiling lake with temperatures at 70 degrees Celsius. The amazing thing about this experience was to feel the cool wind blow against your face mixed with the spa like sauna feelings of the boiling hot spring waters against you. It was like walking through a natural spa outside. This is something that needs to be experienced.

We jumped in our Fords after sunset and made our way over to Jackson, Wyoming where we checked into the Anvil Hotel.


To be continued...

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