Trip of a Lifetime with Ford Part 2

We checked into the Anvil Hotel in Jackson Wyoming.  Let me just say that I totally fell in love with Jackson Hole. It was the perfect-curated town. I can only describe it as hipster meets cowboy. Surrounded in the picturesque beauty of Wyoming, this town is filled with great coffee shops, eateries and is oozing with personality.  I even talked to a few locals who said they came to visit years ago and ended never leaving.

We woke up early to go capture sunrise at Snakes edge in the Grand Tetons. This view is made famous by Ansel Adams and is a 30 minute drive from Jackson.  In the evening we caught sunset at Schwabacquers Landing where we were treated to seeing a Moose and her calf strolling along the river for a drink. It was a beautiful and captivating sight!

The next morning we hit up Sunrise at Jenny lake. This is a must visit when in the Tetons.  The still and calm reflections of the morning made for some incredible shots. 

Jenny Lake, Wyoming. 

Jenny Lake, Wyoming. 

The trip continued as we moved on to Salt Lake City where we would pick up two more guys who were joining for the trip. We met at Publik Coffee in SLC which was the perfect place to recharge after a early morning wake up!

We then jumped in our Fords to drive towards Canyonlands where we would all do something we had never done before. We would sleep in the desert so we could wake up and catch sunrise at Mesa Arch.


TIP: This place is a very small space and is full of photographers so you will want to be there early to secure your spot. The viewpoint is a 10-minute walk from the parking lot.

Here we were, 11 guys in the dessert under the moon and stars. It was so warm that we were overheating in our sleeping bags, which we realized were actually made for cooler temperatures like the mountains. While many of us were a bit nervous at what we could encounter in the night, we all agreed that this would be an experience we would be talking about in 20 years from now.

When we woke up, went down to our viewpoint at Mesa Arch to overlook the incredible canyon. I was filled with awe as I looked out at the massive canyon only to see the sun light up the whole place. I was taken back with its beauty and it was certainly worth the outdoor camp to take this majestic view in.

Our next spot would be a trip to Monument Valley where we would catch sunset. This valley is filled with structures that look like they come from other worlds. It is hard to believe where these came from as they appear from the ground as these amazing formations and you can’t help but wonder how these things hot here! One of my favourite views was the ever-classic road made famous in Forrest Gump. It is the place where he decides to stop running. It is probably because he felt like it couldn’t get any better looking at this view.

We would make our way to Page Arizona where we would be exploring Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe bend. Driving the roads at night can be challenging but one feature I loved on our Ford F 150 was lane assist. This feature keeps you in your lane and automatically brings you back to your lane should you start to drift into the next one. I think we can all take a little support like this when driving on the roads!

I’ll be sharing tips on how to shoot the canyon in the next blog and also let you know which tour we booked so stay tuned. For Part 3… be continued.

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