Food Solutions with Hello Fresh

As I enter 2018 one of my goals is to simplify. The last few years spent building my business has erased a steady routine from my life as it has required lots of travel, late nights and schedules that change on a dime. As a family man and a father of two my wife and I have been looking for ways to truly simplify so we can have normalcy within our busy lives.

Let me know if these statements sound familiar.

‘What are we going to make for dinner tonight’? “Can you stop at the store on your way home?’ ‘We have no groceries in the house’? “I feel demotivated to cook.’ “I am out of ideas”.

These have all been said into our home. We used to love to cook but we realized its because we had more time. Time to think. Time to prepare. Time to create. Now our time is committed to our kids and work. As much as we try to manage our schedules, it can be difficult. It is easy to just to grab what is convienant but that is often not healthy. 

In looking for solutions, I came across Hello Fresh. Every week they send you all the groceries needed to prepare your meals and the recipes on how to make it. While you still prepare the meal, you simply pull the fresh groceries out of the bag and begin to cook. Everything you need, right down to the spices and sauces are in the bag. 

As I prepared my meal I actually was reminded of how much I enjoyed cooking. What I didn’t enjoy in the past was the stress of meal planning and the grocery shopping. With Hello Fresh, every single ingredient I needed including fresh herbs was in the bag. It is just so easy. In the end, we sat down as a family and enjoyed our meal together. It was flavourful, healthy and fresh!

I am sincerely excited about discovering Hello Fresh as not only a solution to simplify but also feed our family healthy and delicious meals that are actually fun and easy to prepare.

Our first meal we made was the Pea and Brussels Sprouts Gnocchi.  It was delicious, easy to make and as I prepared I was inspired with new ideas to cook in the future. While I love the idea of meals coming prepared, there is something very therapeutic about cooking and preparing your meals and being involved in the process. Hello Fresh allows you to cook and create but takes the hassle of preparing away. Now I can look forward to dinner and know that there will always be something amazing to eat at home!


If you are looking into a great solution for your family, check out Hello Fresh. They deliver across Canada and USA. 

An entrepreneur, creator, father & husband from Calgary, Scott Bakken is inspiring a generation of creatives to live their best life.