Top 5 Features about the Pixel 2- Made By Google

When I started out taking photos back in 2013 I began on my mobile phone. It was a few years after that I upgraded to a DSLR and shared more of the images I love through this lens. As time has gone on, so has the development of the phone. The way to take and capture images has become easier and the devices created have become more convenient and dynamic to not only keep us connected but share the moments that matter.

Recently, Google asked me to share my world through their newest phone tThe Pixel 2. I took it to Tahiti and around Alberta to capture images I loved. Here are my top 5 things about the Google Pixel 2 that I think you will love!

1.      Battery Life and Quick Charge-. Every year when they announce new technologies to phones, the only thing that really interests me is battery life. We live and rely on these devices so it can be very stressful when you are running low on charge and don’t have the time you need to get back to 100%. Pixel 2 charges to a full charge within 30 minutes and will last a full two days. This is what we really need! #gamechanger.

2.      Google Photos- Storage has always been a problem and the Pixel 2 has solved this with Google pPhotos. All your images are uploaded to Google pPhotos where you can access, download and even edit in lightroom. Never lose out on those moment you love because of limited storage.

3.      Create Animations- One of the features I love on the Pixel 2 is the ability to create animations. Simply take a series of photos and then useusing  the create animation feature with Google Assistant in Google Photos. This creates engaging and cool motion videos all from your phone.

4.      Portrait Mode- You can use portrait mode on both the front and rear-facing camera, which makes taking those selfies even easier. Portrait mode provides a depth of field effect to give your images a more professional look.

5.      Google Assistant- Everything from Google has been incorporated into the phone, from interpreting languages to identifying places you are in.  Let Google Aassistant be your newest travel partner helping you explore the world!

You can learn more about the Google Pixel 2 here. Below are some images captured on the Pixel 2. 

An entrepreneur, creator, father & husband from Calgary, Scott Bakken is inspiring a generation of creatives to live their best life.