Adventures with Canon EOSR

Recently, I spent the day with the team of Canon Canada. They wanted to have a sneak peak in to what a normal day looks like in my life. I often get asked what my days look like and to be honest, they are pretty normal. From making breakfast with the family to doing emails and work, they can often be very routine. However, there are days when nothing seems normal at all. You just have to be flexible and go with the flow.

On this day, I stepped out to Banff to shoot for Pursuit Jasper and their Sunset Alpine Glow Event on top of the Gondola in Banff. I have been shooting with the Canon EOSR Mirrorless and just got the new 28-70 2.0 lens. The set up is insane and the lens is so sharp and fast. I started my photo journey with Canon and it has been the essential gear I shoot with for all my projects.

Check out the video below and tell me if what you love to shoot with!

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