Winter Escape at Emerald Lake Lodge

We recently escaped to one of our favourite destinations in the Rocky Mountains, Emerald Lake Lodge, for a couple’s getaway!    Emerald Lake Lodge is the perfect place to disconnect; with no tv’s in the room and very limited wifi service, you are forced to stop and be in the moment.  Here you swap cell service for the crackling sound of a wood burning fireplace in your room and trade the hustle and bustle of the city for the quiet stillness of the Rocky Mountains.  

Emerald Lake is beautiful in any season but the wintery wonderland that awaits in January through March is one of our favourites. Take a walk on one of the snowy paths that circles around the property and it’s like finding yourself inside a snow globe.  So peaceful and tranquil.  

Upon arrival, we took hot chocolate fireside to the outdoor fire pit that overlooks the lake.  We enjoyed the fire pit so much that we ended up circling back to it on our walk back to our rooms after dinner to enjoy the warmth of the fire under the moonlit sky.  It was breathtakingly beautiful and one of those moments that stays etched on your mind.     

One of the highlights of this getaway was the opportunity to go cross country skiing – something I have wanted to try for years! Ski and snowshoe rentals are available on site (check ahead for hours) in the cutest little store with a curated collection of merchandise available for purchase.   It was a beautiful sunny day and cross-country skiing along the sparkling snowy banks of the frozen lake was magical.    The great thing about cross country skiing is that unlike downhill skiing, no skill level is required.  Once you are fitted for the correct boot and ski size, it’s very easy to get going on a flat level path.  And if you happen to be more advanced, there are other trails to suit your skill level.  

Following this, we rewarded our hard work with après-ski in the lodge followed by a long soak in the outdoor hot tub.      

One thing we love about all Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts(CRMR) is that the food is always so good and breakfast is a favourite. Starting the day with a relaxed breakfast is the quintessential marker of being on a holiday!  No rushing, just relaxed enjoyment. 

It was such a treat to leave the kids at home with their Nana and just take some time out to reconnect with nature and feel present without distraction.  We enjoyed it so much that we may just have to make it our annual tradition!   Book your winter escape now at Emerald Lake Lodge and make it your own tradition!


An entrepreneur, creator, father & husband from Calgary, Scott Bakken is inspiring a generation of creatives to live their best life.